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Your transactions are a big deal to us

Transactional Practice

Commercial Contracts   ▪  Contract Litigation   ▪  C Corporations   ▪  S Corporations   ▪  LLCs   ▪  LLPs   ▪  Corporate Bylaws   ▪  Employment Agreements   ▪  Termination Agreements   ▪  Mergers and Acquisitions   ▪  Equity Investments   ▪  Joint Ventures   ▪  Transportation & Logistics Transactions   ▪  Pinhooking   ▪  Racing Partnerships

Sullivan Hincks & Conway understands the business, financial, and economic aspects of your transactions. Our expertise and savvy helps us identify the key issues, avoid any pitfalls, and capture or add value to your transactions. Allow us to represent you in a broad range of non-public business transactions such as:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts, agreements, and other similar legal documents
  • Formation of your corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), or other business entity
  • Drafting corporate bylaws and operating agreements
  • Advice on hiring employees or independent contractors
  • Drafting of employment and termination agreements
  • Purchase, merger, and sale of businesses
  • Purchase and sale of real estate for your business
  • Sale of equity to outside investors
  • Establishment of joint ventures
  • Transportation and logistics transactions
  • Equine transactions, including pinhooking and racing partnerships
  • Litigation in contract disputes